Chase & Carley // Montana Destination Wedding Photographer


I can hardly believe I’m writing this blog post! Chase is Tim’s younger brother and it was such an honor to be the one to document his and Carley’s wedding day. We arrived in Montana early to spend time with our family, get to know Carley and her family and to explore the area around the wedding venue! It was my first time in Montana and I loved seeing the diverse landscape. We found a beautiful park three minutes from the venue with several different photo locations for us to use that really captured the feel of the state that Chase and Carley have called home.

On the day of the wedding, the forecast called for torrential rain, 50mph winds, hail and everything in between! We had a rain plan, but were really hoping we’d have a few minutes to capture some outdoor photos in the beautiful landscape of Montana. Amazingly, the storm stopped for groomsmen portraits, and as we shot the bridesmaids, we saw the storm rolling in over the mountains, but were still able to get all of our shots in right before the storm hit! We drove back through the downpour and wind and were able to have some down time before the ceremony, which was really nice. The ceremony was moved indoors, and we were surrounded by candlelight as Chase and Carley vowed their lives to each other. Afterwards, the storm cleared for some truly beautiful just married portraits and even some outdoor dancing later in the night! It ended up being the most perfect day, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about how it all turned out.

Chase and Carley, we loved celebrating you both and the start of your lives together as a married couple. It was a joy to be the one documenting these moments, and getting to spend so much time with you both on the day of the wedding! You handled the curveballs that were thrown your way with grace, treated everyone with kindness and made it such a fun weekend for everyone involved! It was beautiful to witness your union, your love for Christ on display through your marriage vows and the way you cherish and love each other so deeply. Tim and I are so blessed to call you brother and sister, and we are here for you – to support and encourage you in this life together no matter what comes your way. We love you dearly!









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