Oak Alley Plantation (New Orleans Destination Portrait Photography)


So here’s the story. My good friend Lindsay texted me last fall asking if I wanted to take a spontaneous adventure with her (how could the answer not be yes?!) She had already planned a booked a trip to New Orleans and asked if I wanted to come along and take pictures! (Again, always YES!) So 2 weeks later we were boarding the plane for our trip and I was SO excited! The only southern place I’ve been to is Florida which totally doesn’t count, and I couldn’t wait to see Spanish moss in person! We made several stops, did a lot of driving, and a lot of eating and I loved every minute! There are too many favorites to choose from, but our time at Oak Alley Plantation was the top of the charts for me. This gorgeous venue has a pathway lined with towering, historic oak trees and it truly takes your breath away! The sun poured through the Spanish moss and I couldn’t help but sing “Dreams do come true in New Orleans!” (Thanks to Princess Tiana) Can’t wait to take Tim back for a visit sometime soon!









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