Behind the Scenes 2018

Behind the Scenes

I fee like I say this every year, but 2018 truly was incredible, and was one of my most favorite years of owning Chloe Luka Photography! So many dreams came true, years of hard work paid off, and I was able to grow so much creatively and personally. Words can’t describe my love for what I do and each of my amazing clients, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking 🙂

The year started off with a whirlwind of travel and several dreams coming true 🙂 I was booked by some amazing clients to fly to Florence, Italy to capture their 3-day destination wedding celebration and loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I was greeted by a personalized bottle of wine in our hotel room, an invitation to the client’s 5-course family rehearsal dinner, wine tasting at the reception venue. What more could you ask for?!

The day after we arrived, we shot the engagement session around the most iconic areas of Florence at sunrise. It was such a fun morning getting to know these two and exploring the city together!

Ponte Vecchio was one of my favorite locations that we shot at. The sun was beginning to rise, and it felt like we had the city all to ourselves. So romantic!

The next day the festivities began with the Mehndi ceremony! It was my first time shooting an Indian fusion ceremony, and it was so much fun!!

The bride offered Henna for all of the guests in attendance, including me! They brought in an artist from Milan and she was amazing! The couple also had us stay at the hotel where the Mehndi took place, which was very convenient for rehydrating and storing equipment throughout the day!

Shooting details on film – best way to start the day! And even across the ocean the iPhone photographers are still in full force 😉

Groom portraits in a historic villa? Yes please!

The Mehndi went late into the night and we had so much fun shooting the choreographed dances, special events and enjoying delicious Indian food!

The next morning the celebration continued at the gorgeous Villa Medicea di Lilliano and I was pinching myself all day long!

When shooting at a historic Tuscan villa, of course you have to pose for a portrait 😉 And introducing the international member of the CLP team – DOMI! She was hired for us by the wedding planner, and was such an amazing help! She took us to the cutest cafes, helped us translate and was our behind the scenes assistant/shooter extraordinaire! So thankful for her!

And she brought a DRONE. So cool!

As well as specializing in dress hanging 😉

Just casually working on my flexibility. I’ve got a ways to go!

Yep, that’s a string quartet playing live music as the guests overlooked the rolling hills of Tuscany. OH MY GOODNESS!!

Introducing two of my new favorite vendors!! Eric is the venue and event manager for Villa Medicea di Lilliano – he helped to keep us organized throughout the day, spoiled us with an incredible vendor meal and treated us to a wine tasting when we toured the venue before the wedding! Loved getting to work alongside him 🙂

Alessia was the couple’s wedding planner and designer, and did a phenomenal job – from the Mehndi to the outdoor Tuscan ceremony, everything was stunning – like a fairytale come to life. She was such a pleasure to work with, and is truly amazing at what she does.


A huge thank you to these cuties who brought me over the ocean to document their love story. It was such an honor and joy to be your photographer, and I’ll be forever grateful for you making my dreams come true!!

Look at this fairytale land that Alessia created! Seriously!!

And can we talk about the vendor meal?! All the vendors were invited to a separate suite where we were served a 3-course Italian feast, including wine from the vineyard! I’ve never experienced anything like this at my weddings in the US – the Italians do it right! 😉 We love you Alessia!

World’s cutest gelato cart for the guests (and photographers) to enjoy!

I was so thankful that my friend Ashley was able to come as my second shooter for this adventure! We had a blast together and are already planning for our next international gig 😉

Matteo of GB Audio was the DJ both nights, and he had the dance floor full!

The groom trying to teach me how to dance…clearly I need a little more practice!

The day after the wedding we were able to do a little sight seeing in Florence, and I’m no longer trying to contain my excitement!

After a day in Florence, we traveled to Milan (because, when in Italy – why not?!) and we loved exploring a new city together and finding new creative ways to lug all of our bags around the train station!

It was the trip of a lifetime and one of my most favorite memories of the whole year!!

I returned home to the states and was back at the airport again (still figuring out how to pack light) to travel to Georgia for another sweet couple’s big day! I took Haley, my fabulous assistant with me, and when you’re greeted with homemade bread and brunch with the bride’s family, you know it’s going to be a good week 😉

Started my birthday morning with a sunrise engagement shoot with these two at Cator Woolford Gardens – so gorgeous!

Happy Birthday to me!

You guys keep being all cute while I go shoot a flower…

and then invade your personal space.

All in all, a successful morning!!

Super excited that wedding day has arrived!!

Finding me in my happy place, as per usual.

Anything for the shot…especially when there’s a magnolia tree!!

Beautiful, Princess Paige <3

Continuing to hone my skills in boutonnière pinning, just in case this photography thing doesn’t work out 😉

Haley continuing in her role as professional dress holder…

bridal party organizer,

and spontaneous dance partier!

I loved shooting a fully outdoor wedding (that also included lots of snacks!!)

Maybe a tiny bit (too) obsessed with spanish moss?

Don’t mind me cheesing away because my couples are just THE cutest.

Aaaand back to being bossy.

Still working on camouflaging myself on the dance floor…

Loving that outdoor reception lifeeee!

And loving Ashley and her team! They were the best – they helped us out with everything and made us feel so welcome from the moment we met them 🙂 Looking forward to visiting them at the Barn at Oak Manor again soon!

When you know you nailed the exit shot!

Traveled back from Georgia and a few weeks later we were on a plane again, this time to California!!! It was my first time in San Diego and seriously never wanted to come home! We met up with our lovely couple for their engagement session and explored Sunset Cliffs, Balboa Park and La Jolla!

Seriously, can I shoot all my weddings and engagements in California? It could not have been more perfect!!!

Tim traveled with me for this shoot, and for my birthday he took me to Disneyland! It was our first time, and just as magical as I anticipated, further cementing my love of California. (No shame – if you’re a couple thinking of getting married in California, I’M YOUR GIRL!)

After California it was on the road again, this time for Ohio! Clearly I’m running to catch up with myself at this point!

Casually trying to steal the bride’s bouquet for myself and can you blame me? Evergreen Flower Co creating magic as per usual <3

Veil shots are LIFE, forever amen.

Practicing my walk down the aisle with the officiant (who was also the officiant for Tim and I’s wedding a few years ago! So fun to see old friends 🙂

Speaking of old friends, I got to reunite with this lovely lady! Never failing in her commitment to the best shot – even if that includes reclining on the couch 😉

This wedding was my first time getting to work with Leda of Events Held Dear, and it was pure joy. She’s amazing at what she does, and I couldn’t have imagined the day without her!

Another weekend in Ohio with another awesome couple for their engagement shoot! We knew Jay from college, so Tim came to hang out with us too!

Jay and Morgan brought us to Greenville, South Carolina for their wedding at the end of May and of course, we loved it!! It was my first time to Greenville, and I flew out early to be there for the rehearsal and a mini engagement shoot around the town in places that were sentimental to them, which was so special!

Casually sneaking in some lunch while shooting details…guilty as charged.

Details and floral arches – can’t get enough!!

Their wedding day was quite rainy, but thankfully their venue (Southern Bleachery) had an amazing indoor space, filled with windows and white brick walls – a photographer’s dream!!

And speaking of this photographer’s dream, check out that cutie in the blue suit!! Love when I get to bring my handsome hubby to second shoot and he looks GOOD while doing it!

Crouching tiger, (somewhat) hidden photographer.

Boo to the rescue! Side note: love that my couples aren’t afraid to do what it takes for the shot, even getting rained on! They’re the best!

A rare photographer selfie – a little sweaty, a little wet from the rain, but loving every minute of serving and celebrating our sweet couple!

How many men does it take to get a baby to smile?!

After several months of traveling and destination weddings, I was excited to come back home to Indianapolis for a few weddings, starting with this gorgeous one at Newfields!!

Love catching up with past CLP couples – especially when they’re in the bridal party!! I shot Joe and Katie’s wedding a year ago, and one of their bridesmaids booked me for her wedding the following year – full circle and I couldn’t love it more!

Introducing Delaney!! She assisted me for several weddings this year and clearly is a pro at bouquet handling and bag carrying 😉

As excited as I was to shoot at Newfields, they introduced a new art exhibit before the summer that included tons of brightly colored animal sculptures throughout their gardens, which made shooting there…interesting… (can you spot the yellow and blue meerkats hiding here?)

But never fear, not even huge red elephants will be a deterrent on your wedding day! We still created gorgeous portraits despite our new little friends lurking in the background!

Taking my job as paparazzi very seriously.

Always just wanting to blend in with the crowd!

My sweet CLP couple from a few years ago! Loved getting to see them again and photograph them as bridal party members too!

Love these two! And clearly the crazy heat and humidity just made Colleen more beautiful – me, not so much!

The next week we were on the road to Savannah and Charleston to create some magic with Bridget Davis Events!

So excited for a full day of shooting in one of my bucket list locations with a dream team of vendors and a precious couple, starting with the details of course 😉

These two were amazing!! So talented, and they stayed the whole day to make sure the bride’s bouquet lasted, and helped with so many details to bring the vision to life.

And look at that hanging installation finished product!! So gorgeous!!! We love your work Bearded Florist!

Absolutely loved working with this friend to make some dreams come true in a fairytale setting!!

And she designs a killer tablescape! So pretty!

The Social Spool blew us away with their elaborate ceremony set up – seriously felt like I was dreaming!

We had an extended portrait time all around Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and I was in heaven with all the spanish moss (and the cuteness of our couple!)

Loved the romance of this bridge, but also slightly terrified of the alligators swimming underneath it! We saw one when we were finishing up the portrait time and we got out of there quick!

Snagging some sweet treats (and a sugar boost) before some more portraits in front of Magnolia Plantation!

Shooting groom portraits with this little guy chilling behind us…

and then THIS happened!

Prepping the getaway car with our talented florist and Low Country Valet!

Getting ready to send our couple off into the sunset at the end of a picture perfect day <3

Back to the Midwest and riding in limos like it’s our job 😉

Trying to casually steal that custom cathedral veil for myself…nbd.

Michelle rockin’ the groomsmen portraits like a boss!

Delaney expanding her skills in gear juggling and bouquet modeling!

That one time we magically had the whole downtown Indianapolis monument to ourselves!!

Common occurrence for my couples: me trying to sneak in under the veil – future couples be warned!

Just casually avoiding all the crazy construction downtown!

At the beginning of August we were off to visit Europe again! This time we toured Southern France, Italy and Spain!

Fun fact: We were pregnant during this trip and had no idea! So little girl has already made her first overseas trip 😉

Everytime we visit Europe I fall more and more in love with it. This trip was such a breath of fresh air in the middle of busy season, and an inspiration to me creatively before we traveled back to dive into weddings again!

Back in action, starting with my LOVEEEE (details of course!)

Sometimes the boutonnières need a little extra help!

I loved having Evy second shoot for me for the first time this year! She’s an expert with big bridal parties…

groom touch-ups,

& dancing down the aisle!

Guys! Eyes on meeeeee!

Loved working with Sarah of Plum & Poppy several times this year! She’s incredible at what she does – so organized, artistic and thoughtful! Her wedding days are designed flawlessly and are such a joy to photograph!

Sunset veil shots? You know it!!!

Thank you all for coming to my wedding reception – so glad you could be here!

CLP Team – classy as always 😉


The little kiddos loove Leanne!

Love a good outdoor wedding!

Baby Girl making her first official wedding day appearance!!

Bridal portraits in manicured English gardens? Yes pleaseeee!

I’m trying to look as cute as Morgan, and Tim just loving his role as bouquet holder 😉

Yep, that would be my hubby feeding me a bagel while I shoot. Keeping morning sickness at bay is no joke, friends!

Hooray for windy days and destroyed hairstyles!

I promise we love each other…

Two of my favs! So thankful for Michelle and her work for me as a second shooter – so talented, joy filled and fun! And of course, always love when Tim is there with me on a wedding day too 🙂

Hunchback Chloe back at it again…

Michelle modeling the gorgeous work of Meg Catherine Flowers!

Back at it again with my boo, and casually scaling buildings with a baby on board 😉

Melissa casually holding my supply of Gatorade…my newest staple for wedding days to keep baby girl happy!

Happy faces because we brought snacks for the trolley ride! YAY CARBSSSSS!

Probs crashing from my carb loading..

Tim charming the little ones!

Tim working on his stealth skills and leg workout!

Veils for dayss!!

Melissa assisted me at several weddings this year and did an amazing job! As you can tell, she’s such a hard worker and does it all with a huge smile on her face! She loved and served my brides so well and was a huge help to me during first trimester to keep me hydrated and in carrying alllll the things!

LOVE those cathedral veils, and I had so many brides wear them this year!! Making my heart so happy <3

Melissa, cute as ever, and Tim really stepping up as professional veil fluffer!

Scooters stopping in their tracks because Maggie is so dang gorgeous!!

Michelle’s excited for the reception while I’m clearly ready for dinner…hopefully involving CARBS.

Apparently something was funny?!

Haley, my ever fabulous assistant helping with bridal prep and details, of course! Feat. my necessary Starbucks hiding in the corner 😉

Ashley! Another one of my favorite second shooters, bringing valuable skills to the table such as dog-whispering…

family photo directing..

puppy cuddling, and bouquet modeling 😉

We shot the portraits at White River Gardens by the Indianapolis Zoo, and oh my goodness what a hidden gem!! I was freaking out the whole time!

Did I mention the reception featured cake from The Cake Bake Shop?! Yea, we were pretty excited! Emily Ventura Designs making dreams come true!

So unbelievably thankful for another amazing year for CLP – all the miles traveled, new friends made and beautiful memories documented. This job is a gift from the Lord, and I don’t take it for granted. He has been so good, and reflecting back on this year has been such a sweet reminder of that! Thank you to each one of my couples who have trusted me and brought me literally all over the world to capture these moments, I love you all and know that without you so many of these dreams would not be possible! Here’s to another year of fairytale weddings and making dreams come true – 2019 I am so excited to see what you have in store!









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