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2015 – Chloe Luka Photography’s first complete year of business, as well as the year we went from part-time to full-time! This allowed us to take on 21 weddings, 34 portrait sessions and do a lot of traveling in-between 🙂 We photographed weddings throughout Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and New York and loved it! As I looked back through these photos I was reminded of what a great team I had this year – several amazing second shooters and assistants, and some great videographers that we got to work alongside as well. I was also reminded that I need to buy some more wedding day outfits (see if you can spot my go-to shooting dress 😉

Spoiler alert – this post does not have a bunch of pretty wedding photos, nor does it include gorgeous and glamorous shots of our team. (Well, maybe there are one or two shots like that 😉 Instead, I hope it gives you an authentic look of my job – and why I love it so much. Being able to be a part of one the most amazing days of my bride and groom’s lives is such a privilege and these pictures are proof that I have the best job ever. I’m overwhelmed to look back on these days and be reminded that I am doing something I LOVE, with some of the best clients turned friends in the WORLD. I could go on and on, but you’re here for some embarrassing and funny photos, so here you go! Enjoy a behind the scenes look at Chloe Luka Photography! 


There’s me. Ruining epic sunset shots since 2014! 


A little to the left…

Just taking a little breather.

Sometimes bridesmaids think I’m funny.

The cutest bouquet-holder that there ever was!

I promise I’m not always this bossy…

Welp, the hair stayed down for the first half of the day. Quite the accomplishment!

Oh sorry Brooke and Jake, are we ruining the moment?

Don’t worry, I promise it was worth it 😉 

He’s the cutest 🙂 

Emily, I know you’re ready to see Jake, but don’t you love talking to ME?! 

On the count of 3..we RISE!

Second shooter qualifications: ‘Must be good with babies’ 

Also… ‘Must be good at dancing with herself’ (Abi clearly excels in both categories!)

Tim – my favorite light test model 🙂 

It’s OK, Matt – I come in peace!

Real Life v. Instagram Life

Grant just LOVES working with us!

Lea, check out my cool karate chop moves!

Gotta get that good hair flip.

Deer in the Headlights Take 1

Deer in the Headlights Take 2

Did I tell you that I love my job? Here’s proof 🙂

Tim taking a quick nap before the reception starts.

And his audition for America’s Next Top Model…

we just LOVE being the lighting test subjects for our second shooters!

DJ Dave makes a great stand-in best man…

And breaks it down on the dance floor! What more could you want from a DJ?! We love you Dave!

OK Kurtis, pay attention. Don’t be distracted by my pink-on-pink Pepto-Bismol outfit.

Grant and his favorite accessory.

You can expect that I will get emotional during the first dances. Usually there are tears. Don’t be alarmed. 

Also a pro at getting in my second shooter’s shots. Sorry boo!

There I go again.

Have you figured out my go-to dress to shoot in yet? 😉 H&M should be paying me for this endorsement!

We’re not afraid to get a little creative when it comes to eating dinner. 

Bet you guys can’t catch me!

A few more second shooter requirements. 1. You need to be able to make the bride laugh.

2. Nail the light model test shot. 3. Be willing to open doors while simultaneously holding umbrellas and bouquets.

4. Stand in for the groom when needed for first look shots.

5. Be willing to dance with me at the reception for a song or two…

or three 😉 

You guys! Where are the sparklers?!

Isn’t my little sister the cutest?! 

Working on my professional buttoning the dress skills. 

And my speedwalking like a pro skills. 

Pink on pink is apparently my thing. 

Because what’s a wedding without a good Instagram preview shot? 

Yep. We’ve got the moves. 

Yes, I did minor in bouquet holding. 

Can you find Chloe? 

The chipmunk-excited face means that I am loving my job 🙂 

Loved getting to see some sweet college friends at our wedding in New York this year!

Another edition of ‘Where’s Chloe?’

Mary & Joel, I just wanted to be a guest at your wedding 😉 

Kate rocking the polaroid shot…

And the DSLR shot…

aaaaaaand the light test shot 😉 

Part of my job is always to adjust the dress 😉 

Let me show you how it’s done, Ryan. 

Just a LITTLE excited to be walking with Charissa & Ryan…they are pretty awesome after all 😉 

Corralling large bridal parties? No problem.

Hayley showing off her modeling skills.

Sometimes groomsmen listen to me…

I love how this shot captures one of my favorite parts of the day – serving my brides 🙂 Thanks for this one, Hayley!

Let’s be honest. I was having a pretty good hair day 😉 

Professional dress-fluffer. 

Another favorite part of my day…shooting the details!

This is my favorite shot. I love my brides and grooms so much, and getting to spend the day with them is just the icing on the cake. Because of them I am getting to live my dream job, and I count myself blessed to consider so many of them clients turned friends. My heart is overflowing from this year, and I can’t wait to see all that 2016 has in store!









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